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Sharp3D.Math contains fundemental classes to dealing with numerics on the .NET platform. It contains various mathematical structures such as vectors, matrices, complex numbers and contains methods for numerical integration, random numbers generation and other object-oriented numeric functions.

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  • Fully compatible with the .NET CLR making the library usable from any .NET language.
  • Support for both single and double precision computations.
  • Vector, Matrix, Complex numbers and Quaternions structures.
  • Geometric data types and algorithms for 2D and 3D - distance and intersection methods, bounding volumes computation etc.
  • Random numbers generation from various distribution probabilities.
  • Classes for encapsulating unary functions with support for numerical integration and differentiation.
  • Fully persistable data structures using standard .NET mechanisms.
  • Strong-typed collections for library's data types.
  • Support for conversion between the library's data structures and DirectX\GDI+ structures.

Library Users

Hortilux Schreder Supplemental lighting

The library is used by a software written for Hortilux ( who is installing lights in greenhouses and is doing calculations on light level and uniformity before selling to their clients. They can also easily test a reflector in multiple grid configurations automatically and get an overview of its performance.


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